Safe For Work

The Safe For Work app gives colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work is safe to work.

Safe For Work

Suitable for all types of business

Both employers and employees get an easy-to-use tool that can be set up to the individual needs of any organisation.

Build your own custom questionnaire
Build your own custom questionnaire
Set automated decision making
Set automated decision making
Invite employees to report their current health status
Invite employees to report their current health status

Scaleable for Enterprise

We can provide custom features to support with specific use cases.

● Multiple locations and departments

● Access controls and security features

● Custom messaging


About Us

Leaders in solving digital challenges

Filter Digital

Safe For Work has been developed by Filter Digital, leaders in solving digital challenges for ambitious organisations.

Filter Digital is a multi-disciplinary team of technology, data, customer & marketing experts, passionate about solving digital challenges, creating scalable digital solutions and enabling connectivity.
Filter’s services principally include strategic consultancy, web/app development and custom platform development.
The team also dedicate time to create and develop custom products such as the Safe For Wok app.

Filter Digital uses expertise across business, people and technology to architect scalable digital solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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App Administration

Download the Safe For Work symptom reporting App and register using one of the following options: Google, Apple or Phone Number.

Verify your account and add the name of your company, restaurant, workplace, or community group. You can enter whatever you wish, and you can change it later if you need to.

Invite your employees or coworkers to join you through the contacts on your phone. They will be added to your organisation and prompted to complete a form if they are planning on coming to work.

Use the My Forms tool to create a form by adding Yes/No questions for your co-workers to complete. You will be able to edit the questions, order and automate rules. You can also request more information, dependent on the answers you receive.

Use the Invite Coworkers tool in the app and add your coworkers from your contacts. They will receive an invitation to register as part of your organisation.

You also have the option to Create an Invite Link which you can share.

Yes, if you are an admin you can edit your form from the Settings > Manage Questions screen of the app.

Standard users cannot edit forms.

Completing Forms

Log into the app using Google, Apple, phone number or email address.

– Click ‘Going to work today?’
– Complete the Safe For Work form, answering each question Yes/No and providing any supplementary detail where requested
– Once you have completed the form ’Submit Answers’ and ‘Confirm’

You will receive confirmation of your submission and confirmation of whether or not you are safe for work for that day.

If you complete the form and are told that you are not safe for work then you should contact your employer and confirm what your next course of action should be.

This will depend on the process that your employers will define. It is a good idea to contact your employer before you go to work if you have not been able to complete a form first.

General Support

On occasion it can take up to 5 minutes for invite and verification texts to be delivered.

Please contact your employer directly to confirm whether you should attend work.

Please contact our support team via email or the real time chat function on this website or through our contact form.

Your Data

Your employer can see the answers you provide to the Safe For Work form questions. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more details on how and where we store confidential data.