44% of adults anxious about returning to work……..

This month sees a change in the guidance about working from home. Employees have more discretion and can make decisions about how their staff can work safely, whether that’s continuing to work from home or returning to the workplace.

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Employers have a strict code of measures which they need to implement to ensure the workplace is safe. These include social distancing, introducing one way systems, frequent cleaning of communal areas etc to name but a few.

A recent poll, however, has found that despite the implementation of these safety measures, 44 per cent of working adults reported feeling anxious about the prospect of going back to work because of Covid-19. The survey of 1,000 employees conducted by YouGov for the CIPD also revealed that 31 per cent of workers were also anxious about commuting to work.

Survey Results

This insight shines a light on the need for businesses to provide clarity on the safety measures in place. There is also a need for employers to enable transparent communication and consultation with their employees to help foster and build mutual respect and trust with one another.

While businesses are recovering from the impact of lockdown, employers have a duty of care to keep every worker safe whilst understanding and meeting the needs of their employees.

Many businesses are seeking further measures to provide their staff with an additional level of confidence that it’s safe for them to come to work. The new Safe For Work app is just one of those measures that are helping to minimise the risk of conflict and stress amongst the workforce.

The symptom reporting tool provides employers with a level of confidence that all its staff arriving for work are safe to work. In addition, the reporting tool gives employees some reassurance that their colleagues have all been deemed safe to work, alleviating potential anxiety amongst the workforce.

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