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In the midst’s of a global pandemic, the role of a manager has just got a little more complex.


A manager of people has many responsibilities from setting clear objectives, implementing processes, managing workload and monitoring output and project deadlines.

A manager also has a role to play as cheerleader, coach, confidant, supervisor and enforcer, ensuring both training, support and guidance are in place.

Whilst we begin to return to the workplace, understandably many employees are feeling levels of anxiety and stress. This is largely in part because people are concerned and have questions about the protective measure in place to keep them safe on-site. In addition there is also apprehension about working with others and the question mark as to whether their colleagues are safe to work alongside without risking their own health. Whilst PPE is essential to protect staff, managers and team leaders need to ensure their employees who are working on-site are in fact safe to be there.


Checking the health status of each employees before they arrive at the workplace is both an impractical and time consuming task for managers to undertake. A level of automation is required to ensure this information is captured in a consistent and timely manner.

The new Safe for Work app goes some way to support managers efforts to gather clear data on the status of their staffs health on a daily basis. The app, through a simple questionnaire and based on the answers given, automatically determines which employees are safe for work or not.

Through automated alerts to any non-safe form results,  it provides clarity for managers and supports them in following the businesses health and safety guidelines.


There are many benefits to applying a tool that automates decision based on the information received by all staff.

There are many benefits to applying a tool that automates decision based on the information received by all staff.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Saves managers time in seeking information
  • Avoids difficult decisions in isolation without support from senior management
  • Takes out bias
  • Same set of rules apply to all ensuring consistency
  • Provides confidence amongst the workforce that everyone at work is deemed safe to work

Whilst Managers have a duty of care to protect its staff, decisions as to if a member of the team is well enough to come into work does need to be made without bias, judgment and conflict.

Utilising an easy to use online tool that automates those decisions, provides managers and employees reassurance that everyone at work is in fact safe to come to work.

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