How can event venues and planners create COVID secure environments?

As hotel and event venues are reopening their doors, the health and safety of both event venue staff and delegates must be at the forefront of operational planning.

Covid secure events

Events simply cannot be produced and delivered as they have before. Attention needs to be placed on implementing suitable health and safety measures to ensure events can be delivered in a COVID secure manner. 

Here we highlight some actions that venues and event planners should consider as part of this transition to creating COVID secure event environments. 


Creating a safe space for staff and delegates is the number one priority for venues

Whilst venues already have cleaning regimes in place, more frequent cleaning of common areas is a must. Decluttering of event spaces including the removal of soft furnishings, ornaments, newspapers and leaflets will also make cleaning easier. The deployment of guest hand sanitiser stations and providing disinfection wipes will also become an industry norm. 


Enabling delegates to keep their distance from one another is essential

It is most likely that venues will need to adopt new approaches to ensure delegates have the space they need to stay safe. Venues therefore must review their room capacities and layouts, seating arrangements, food and beverage locations as well as the flow of traffic. Events hosted in larger rooms, designing viable outside spaces, creating wider walkways and taping out one-way routes and identifying ‘keep free’ zones should all be considered.  


Incorporate digital elements to your events program

In the absence of hosting in-person events, many planners are looking towards providing event content via digital platforms. Platforms such as Zoom is a great tool to facilitate presentations, talks, lectures and networking, with delegates logging on from the safety of their own environments.  

Whilst many of these events can be hosted from home, and indeed work well, those wishing to offer a higher production value are working with venues to produce TV-quality programming. For venues to support these growing demands, these facilities need to ensure they have the technological capabilities to support this delivery. Investment in adequate internet, AV setup and staff training is therefore paramount to deliver virtual events from event venues. 


Assessment of food offering 


Buffets, sharing plates and coffee stations to encourage people to congregate are, for now, a no go. All food preparation and future service options will need to be reviewed. Think seated dining experiences, packed lunches or boxed meals to ensure safe food handling.


Event venues and planners will need to be quick to consider and implement the right assortment of health and safety measures to enable them to deliver COVID safe event environments.


Whilst the impact of COVID continues to alter the way we live, work and socialise, it is clear the events industry as a whole will have to adopt a more flexible and agile approach to respond to the ever-changing climate.

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