Convenient for all employees

Setting up the app is simple and easy for anyone to do, giving colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work, is safe to work.

Employee Journey
Easily Accessed

Receive an invite

Receive invitations by email, sms or click a magic link to download the app and register.



Register for a Safe For Work account, with Google, Apple and Phone Number options.

Once registered you’ll be automatically associated with the organisation you work for.


Complete & submit form

Use the app to complete a short questionnaire to report your current health status before arriving at your place of work.

The form includes a series of Yes or No questions, with additional information requested in some instances.


Receive Response

Receive an instant automated response. Either a “Yes you are safe to work”, in which case no further action is required. Or “No you are not safe to work”.

If the response is No, your employer will be alerted, and the company’s health and safety guidelines will then be followed.

Get started today

We have a range of plans suitable for businesses of different sizes, or if you are looking for a more advanced solution, we’re on hand to help.