Safe For Work Features

Connect with your workforce

Supporting businesses to connect with their teams to create safer working environments for everyone.


A single platform for your team

Easy set up, placing your staff at the centre of checking their own health status.

Available to all

Easy Access

Anyone can download and register a Safe For Work account, with Google, Apple and Phone Number options.

If you prefer you can access the app through your browser.


Flexible Solution

  • Add questions to support the health and safety measures your place of work requires
  • Set automated decision making rules and request further information when required
  • Edit/reorder using the easy drag and drop interface

Invite coworkers to join

  • Send sms and magic links to make it quick for coworkers to register and join your organisation
  • Upgrade your coworkers to become admins or remove them from the organisation if required
  • Add additional coworkers at any time


  • The app automatically determines if colleagues are safe for work
  • We alert you to any non-safe form results on your feed on the coworkers screen
  • Access reports to monitor your organisations responses

Looking for help?

  • View help information for common questions
  • Contact our dedicated support team
  • Access resources to help you maintain a healthy workplace


Get started today

We have a range of plans to suitable for businesses of different sizes, or if you are looking for a more advanced solution, we’re on hand to help.