Welcome to Safe For Work

Setting up your organisation and workforce couldn’t be easier. Take these steps to make for a safer workplace.

Get set up

Get yourself setup

Download the Safe For Work symptom reporting App and register using one of the following options:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Or Phone Number

Add your Organisation

Verify your account and add the name of your company, restaurant, workplace, or community group. You can enter whatever you wish, and you can change it later if you need to.


Add your Coworkers

You’ll want to invite your employees or coworkers to join you, either by email or through the contacts on your phone.


Create your Form

As an admin you’ll be ready to set up your form. You’ll be able to edit the questions, order and automate rules.

You can also request more information, dependent on the answers that you receive.


See who is safe

Employees will be prompted to answer questions at the desired frequency before entering the workplace.

We alert you to any non-safe form results on your feed.

Get started today

We have a range of plans to suitable for businesses of different sizes, or if you are looking for a more advanced solution, we’re on hand to help.