General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The Safe for Work app and supporting systems have been designed with data protection and privacy in mind from day one. The principle of Privacy by Design has guided decision making and implementation throughout the development process and concern for the safety of user data continues to be a high priority for us. We only collect and store data that is absolutely necessary for providing the functionality that our users require to manage safety in their workplaces.

Data Security

All data moving between the app and supporting systems is encrypted while in transit and all data storage systems encrypt data before storing it.


Management of user consent is a key part of GDPR compliance and our sign up and registration processes, combined with our comprehensive privacy policy, ensure that informed consent is explicitly obtained and recorded for all users.

User Rights

Our privacy policy provides comprehensive details on how user data is used and managed. It includes details on data retention policies in place and on the rights of users regarding the correction and erasure of data.