Keeping workers safe

Offering sector specific support

We offer a variety of sector specific support to businesses and organisations.

Elevate your health and safety with the Safe For Work app. Created as an easy to use tool, whilst being adaptable to support a wide range of sectors.

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Offices and Factories


Many offices are keen to get back to “normal”, with employers responsible for managing welfare provisions.

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The construction industry workforce is estimated to be 6% of all UK jobs, with over a third of workers self-employed.

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With annual output of £192 billion the UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world.

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Health and Education


The healthcare sector consists of businesses that facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients.

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Care Homes

The sector is staffed by many carers, across a variety of disciplines, within a vital but fragmented system.

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The UK education system is widely known for its high quality, standards, choice and safeguarding.

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Public Spaces


The UK Retail sector is worth £349 billion to the economy. Due to the impact of COVID, retailers are having to adapt.

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Transport plays an important role in today’s economy and society and has a large impact on growth and employment.

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The events industry is worth £42.3 billion to the UK economy, employing over 570,000 full time staff.

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Choose a safer way to work

Giving colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work is safe to work.