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Keeping workers safe

The UK education system is widely known for its high quality, standards, choice and safeguarding.

The global pandemic however saw educational disruption on a scale never seen before and as a result the way we educate has changed dramatically.

The education sector has adapted to be more reliant on e-learning tools but they will not replace the traditional classroom.

As millions of students return, the safety of both staff and students is paramount. Indeed the safest way to protect everyone is to ensure COVID does not enter schools and colleges in the first place.

The Safe For Work app gives colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work is safe to work.

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Additional safeguarding for all

The app delivers additional safeguarding to compliment health and safety procedures.

  • Risk assessing all staff before they arrive at an educational setting
  • Keeping students and other members of staff safe from staff who may be unwell
  • Alleviating potential anxiety amongst staff, students and parents
  • Managing staffing levels across departments & sites

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We have a range of plans suitable for businesses of different sizes, or if you are looking for a more advanced solution, we’re on hand to help.


Supporting businesses

Our solution can be tailored to any business to maintain a healthy workforce.

  • Convenient tool for staff and employees to adopt
  • Automated decision to classify workers health
  • Maintains a record of employee health
  • Reassures the workforce
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A single platform for your team

Easy set up, placing your staff at the centre of checking their own health status.

Choose a safer way to work

Giving colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work is safe to work.